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This site is no longer being updated. Please click link below (in red) for Defence Standards Index

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No Longer Updated

This site is no longer being updated. Note that some of the Defence Standards may not be the most up to date versions. We are working to update the Public Website. Please follow this link for the Defence Standards Index HERE.

StanMIS should continue to be used to search and download Extant/Beyond Review Date (BRD) standards (as at 1st November 2022), Archived standards and to "Request Access" to NATO Standards/Allied Publications and Standard Related Documents (SRDs). Continue to use StanMIS for access to specific Training Modules

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You are currently accessing the StanMIS Extranet website which should be the primary website used by industry users.

The RLI version of StanMIS for MOD and industry users with RLI access can be accessed here.

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